About us

Visionaire is a property management & luxury villa rental company located in Mykonos Greece. Our mission is to inspire confidence in travel, gift you with the freedom of time, and ensure you have the best Mykonos vacation that goes on to become cherished memories forever.

Our lifestyle managers execute the highest level of service. We are knowledgeable, dedicated, and up-to-date with emerging trends. We will envision and design the ultimate carefree experience just for you.

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Let us be your bridge to a world of wonder and carefree indulgences
Our team
The ardent spirit of adventure is deeply rooted in our ethos. We have journey across the globe to master the art of travel, we distill the essence of diverse cultures to decode the golden rules of living with passion.

Our exquisite taste moves us to curate inspirational experiences that delights, our imagination propels us to create moments that crystallise into unforgettable memories to be treasured forever.

Rooted in our authenticity and affinity to Mykonos, we are unique, influential and exclusive. With verve, virtuosity and versatility we pace one step ahead, anticipating your needs, paving the way for you to embark on a seamless odyssey of ultra-luxe care and comfort.

Our Team Visionaire Mykonos
Mel Stratigeas
CEO  & Director of Lifestyle Manager
Mel is a luxury lifestyle entrepreneur from Toronto with Greek origin. After travelling to almost every continent in the world in search of rare and exclusive experiences, Mel applies her creative vision to define what the ultimate Myconian luxury lifestyle should be.

Unfazed by tight deadlines, Mel never fails to rise up to challenges and overcome them. Nothing is impossible with Mel.

With her expert knowledge on Mykonos and profound understanding of how the perfect holiday is one where quality hospitality meets extraordinary experiences, Mel created Visionaire Mykonos, shaping it into a leading brand in lifestyle management and a tour operator offering the best travel solutions.

Together with her team, Mel and Visionaire Mykonos warmly welcome you to this gorgeous, glamorous island for a vacation you will never forget.

George Durbakos
Operations & Lifestyle Manager
George exudes passion, enthusiasm and energy as a lifestyle manager who will dazzle you with his smile. With a pleasant and dynamic personality, George enjoys meeting new people from different cultures, sharing his love for Mykonos, his home, with them.

Bilingual in Greek and English, George’s warmth and friendliness will infect you from the first moment he welcomes you to the island. Perceptive, adaptable and a great team player, George is always looking for opportunity to grow as an individual, a traveller and a hospitality specialist.

His favourite part of Mykonos is how vibrant the island is, always bustling with life and exuberance.

Chauffeur & Private Transfer Driver
Nick is dependable and responsible, a steady figure whose one big passion is cars and driving. Being a qualified professional chauffeur who is certified with a clean and perfect driving record, all Nick wants to do is drive.

Born and raised in Mykonos, his profound knowledge of every road will get you to your chosen location on time and he will make sure you arrive safely back at your accommodation, in a stylish and comfortable manner.

Needless to say, Nick’s favourite bits of Mykonos are the curves and bends of the roads, especially those with a view.