Alemagou – A Bohemian Barefoot Luxury

Alemagou – A Bohemian Barefoot Luxury

Alemagou is Mykonos meets bohemian luxury. With an all-day beach bar and a sophisticated restaurant, this enthralling seaside sanctuary is found on the soft sands of Tarsanas beach in Ftelia. Rugged and radiating an aura of laid-back chic, this one-of-a-kind beach club offers a lavished barefoot retreat to the rich, the famous, and the downright beautiful. This stylish venue has a vibrant atmosphere from dawn till dusk and attracts good-looking Grecians and striking supermodels from around the world, searching for an unforgettable experience and a rejuvenating day on the beach. Not only is this hidden hotspot a hit with wealthy jet setters and notable VIPs, it is also a favorite hangout for water sports fanatics so expect a couple of windswept surfers to be lolling their way up the golden beach, showing off their bronzy tan. Whether you are looking for a fabulous bar to enjoy sundowners with sea views, an elegant restaurant to dine on contemporary Greek cuisine, or a place to sunbathe on soft white sands, look no further than Alemagou.


Inspired by organic Cycladic architecture, Alemagou is a tranquil oasis that boasts dry-stone walls, screed floors, and reed-thatched roofs. The design is simple, rustic and easy on the eye, which plays on the bohemian minimalism that runs throughout the bar and restaurant. It is these earthy aesthetics that remind you of an idyllic summer of fun and endless possibilities, as you daydream away under your private cabana with dribbles of sunlight filtering through the thatched roofs along with a soothing breeze. In short, the building has been designed to blend in impeccably with its surroundings. The natural color tones and open spaces successfully achieve this ultra-relaxed effect.


As for features, Alemagou comprises of a quirky bar, multiple lounge areas, and a spectacular restaurant. The beach beds and cabanas provide an excellent place for chilling during the day and take on a cozy ambiance in the evening when lit up. Each space is illuminated differently to reflect the desired mood of comfort and unpretentious intimacy. Alemagous restaurant focuses on well-loved traditional dishes served with a refreshing twist, showcasing the head chef’s creativity and culinary expertise. The menu has changed multiple times over the years to be in keeping with modern dining style and high standards. Make sure you order the ‘tuna ceviche’ or opt for a signature feta cheese snowflake Greek salad.As for the bar, expect to be drinking ice-cold rosé, champagne, and an array of exciting cocktail concoctions, while relishing in the evening breeze and unique vibe.

Look just behind the restaurant and bar, steps away from the beach, and you will find the Alemagou Beach Boutique. This luxury boutique is housed in a large safari tent and is the perfect place to shop for swimwear, jewelry, and beachwear. In the words of Alemagou… “think of a polished flea market in Camden Town with a luxury twist. Indeed if you identify with an effortlessly chic style that blends with casual eclecticism, you have to check out this shop for statement pieces. Speaking of making a statement, there is even a resident goat that spends most of the day strolling around the tent!

Alemagou also features private sun beds which can be rented out for the day, but it is best to arrive early to secure these premium spots, or you will be hard- pressed to find a place to lounge.

How it Came to Be

Alemagou is the brainchild of Andreas Koutoumanos and his brother George, who wanted to create an exclusive club with a beachside setting that exudes exquisite taste. They joined forces with one of Athenslead design agencies, K-Studio, and in 2010, with the help of a small team, Alemagou was launched on the edge of Ftelia bay.

While relaxing beach vibesmusic plays from the stereos during the day, the brothers decided to up their game in 2015 and began to invite world-class DJs and artists to their bar and restaurant to perform for their esteemed guests. Today, dance parties, DJs and events are all the rage at Alemagou, drawing in an even bigger stylish crowd following their favorite artists, renowned DJ’s who play primarily house music and travel influencers from around the globe.

Partner Companies

If you want more adventure that goes beyond a beach retreat, then you are in luck as Alemagou has partnered with several tour-operators to offer high-end experiences to their clientele. These partner companies arrange a number of activities and experiences to tie in with your time at Alemagou including luxury yacht rides at sea, a private trip to Rinia Island, and luxury car rental for a road trip around Mykonos to remember. These tailor-made original experiences can be curated based on your needs and requirements, placing a cherry on the top of the Alemagou cake.

The Ultimate Summer Destination

Whether you are after sundowner cocktails and an incredible view, secluded sunbathing in a carefree setting, or savouring scrumptious Greek dishes in a fine-dining restaurant, a trip to Alemagou will not disappoint. Just remember to arrive early to snag the best cabanas and sun beds, be prepared to buy an item or two from the Beach Boutique whether you plan to or not, and be sure to visit in July or August if you are looking to attend some of Mykonosbest beach parties and musical events. Mykonos has a mystical charm to it, and so does Alemagou.

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