What kind of concierge service do you provide?

Visionaire is a travel & lifestyle concierge company located in Mykonos. We provide a range of services that aims to help you enjoy your vacation.

We can personalise all our services to suit your preferences and requirements. We will arrange flights, ferries, private jets, book accommodation as well as create customised itineraries based on your likings.

We can refer you to places such as beaches and restaurants or recommend events that match your criteria. We are not a corporate company. That makes us accessible and we are always easy to reach. If you need groceries, have a question or need assistance, we can help in ways big or small.


Can I hire your concierge service by the hour?

Absolutely. We have A La Carte services for every and any request.

For your convenience, we also bundle up our services. You can opt for packages for any 2 or more services.


How do I keep track of the time I buy?

We keep all our lifestyle concierge services and driver services (when purchased in a package) secured with a digital time track app.

You have full access to this information in order to track the time used and follow up with it anytime.


Can I reach you 24-7?

We are always available to assist you in any situation around the clock during your time in Mykonos.


What is the best way to contact you or stay in touch?

The quickest and most convenient way is through WhatsApp. However we also take calls and emails.

You can choose the method that makes you most comfortable.


What is the cheapest rate I can get for concierge service?

We always recommend packages to our guests as this becomes a full service with a more affordable rate.


What price range am I looking at for your concierge service?

Our prices start from 80 Euro per hour. However, you can save a significant amount of money by opting for our concierge packages or by booking a villa.

When renting a villa from us, you will receive incentives that benefit you as a guest. These perks include cost savings and experiences. For example, with a villa rental, we will arrange a meet and great at the airport with complimentary pick up and drop off services to your villa. In most cases, we also offer free concierge services that include recommendations, securing reservations and other hands-on tasks.


Can I purchase day tours or tickets on your website without being your client?

Yes you can. Anyone interested in our online tours and experiences can purchase them through our website.


Can I just ask for your help to rent villas in Mykonos?

Yes. We have an outstanding collection of villas that comes with many perks and incentives at no cost to you.


I do not want to hire your personal concierge service, but I just want to ask for advice when travelling to Mykonos. Is that possible?

If you purchase any service with us and would like advice, we will be there to answer any questions and give recommendations. Otherwise, you are welcome to browse our website, or check out our social media pages.


What kind of transport service do you offer around Mykonos?

We offer single ride private transfers, a package of private transfers, personal chauffeur services, flights, private jets, ferries, and helicopter rides.


What kind of sailing experiences in Mykonos can I get from you?

We have a lovely collection of sailboats, yachts and catamarans. We offer pre-arranged and personalised experiences that can be tailored to the way you like. We also provide private and small group tours as well as yacht rentals.


Can I rent vehicles from you?

Yes, We offer exotic cars, large and small vehicles, scooters and ATV’s.


I would like to charter a private jet in Mykonos. How do I start?

Simply contact us and let us know how many people, location, dates of arrival/departure and we will take care of all the other details.


I am travelling to Mykonos with my family. What services do you provide?

We can assist you with reserving the best accommodations that are ideal for families (villas or hotels), direct you to family friendly places to visit, including beaches and restaurants, provide you with child care, and services like in-house chef, spa treatments, among many other options.


I am a business traveller to Mykonos. What services can I expect from you?

As a business traveler, we can save you time by managing all your arrangements and create a bespoke itinerary during your travels, offering options for work and pleasure.

We can find you the most suitable accommodation at a hotel or a villa if you are with a group. We have personal chauffeur services to get you around the island quickly, safely and efficiently. Your lifestyle manager can monitor your schedule, take note of pick up and drop off times as well as manage reservations at the best restaurants.

If you need privacy during your meal for a meeting, we can pre-arrange the ideal seating for you. We can also host you with a private chef at your villa or at an exclusive location. We can arrange activities or excursions on land or at sea so that you enjoy a fulfilling time in Mykonos. And lastly, if you ever need hands-on assistance, we are there for you 24 hours a day.


We are a couple on a romantic getaway. Why do we need concierge service?

Traveling can be time consuming with planning, researching and deciding where to go, and what to do. Many travellers lose out on all the real treasures of the island because they stay close to their accommodations and do not really know where to find the best experiences.

If you are on a romantic couple vacation or honeymoon to Mykonos, you should be focusing on spending time with each other. With out help, we give you the time to be together, relax and enjoy all the scenery you will see in Mykonos! We will get to know you and learn your interests as well as gather what you have in mind for the perfect trip.

We take all your ideas and transform them into curated experiences. We can help you make reservations and bookings, assist you in getting around. Best of all, when we get to know you more after meeting you, we will continue to advise you on all the exceptional and exciting options for the places to go and things to experience.


After I hire your services, do we get to meet?

In most cases, yes. As a lifestyle management company, we are always there for our clients to assist with all their needs. We offer corporate and personal lifestyle concierge services for our guests and we always meet you upon arrival in Mykonos.

We will host you in your villa or selected accommodation, help you settle down and handle any situations or requests during your stay. We can assist with chartering yachts, jets and helicopter rides, curating special experiences and securing restaurants reservations.

At beach clubs or party venues, we can arrange table or bottle services. For personalised tours or experiences, we can meet you at your accommodation to create an itinerary if requested. We could also contact you via phone, email or text if you prefer.


I do not need help in Mykonos but I am looking for concierge service in other cities or islands in Greece. Can you help?

We are based in Mykonos and we work from here. However, we have our own villas, tours and a network of leading partners who can assist you in other parts of Greece.


What is the difference between a butler and a concierge service?

A butler usually is in-house with you at all times, whereas a concierge can handle all requests in and out of the house, villa or hotel and will come to you when needed. Our lifestyle managers will take any request on demand. We are available 24 hours a day.


What all-inclusive services can you provide?

Because we are a certified tour operator, we can customise your trip to be all-inclusive. For example, we can personalise your itinerary with flights, ferries and ground transportation, accommodation, food and drink along with activities. We also have pre- planned all-inclusive packages available. Some details, such as lunch and flights, might not be included for pre-planned packages but they can be added on. Feel free to let us know your needs and we will work something out with you.

We do not speak Greek or English. Can we still communicate?
Depending on the language you speak, we have translators available. Also, we are true believers of Google translate.


We are planning a big event in Mykonos. What can you do for us?

Our lifestyle managers have an extensive background in events organisation. We see to every detail to ensure your event pans out just like the way you envisioned it, if not better. We are hands-on from planning to set up and take down.

If needed, we will be there to assist you every step of the way. Here is only some of the ways we can help: Staffing bartenders, catering, decorations and music provision. To make things easier for you, after your event we will handle the clean-up, tear down and rental returns so you can continue to enjoy your time in Mykonos.

I want to be married in Mykonos. Is that possible?

Visionaire Mykonos is a full service lifestyle management company that is a fully certified tour operator, events management and concierge. We can easily assist you with group rates on flights, accommodation, villas rentals, venue options and personalized tours, yachts and other experiences.

As event planners, we can put together a wonderful reception. We work closely with our preferred partners to seamlessly set up, run the event and take down.


Health is my focus when I come to Mykonos. What wellness programs do you offer?

As tour operators and a team of lifestyle managers who focuses on healthy living ourselves, we have partnered with the best instructors and health professionals in various fitness categories. We also can assist with your yoga and meditation needs. From spa sessions and beauty treatments to private chefs and even nurses, we can personalise a health-centric vacation for you.


Could you advice on investment opportunities in Greece?

We have partnered with the some of the top rated real estate consultants and successful investment advisers in Mykonos and Athens, who will work closely with you to examine the market and assist you to find the most beneficial investment opportunity. We are available to assist you with anything you need during your stay, while you take time to examine your options.


Do you provide concierge service in Santorini?

We offer villa rentals and hotel accommodation in Santorini. We can advise you on the best restaurants and bars to visit. We also offer all-inclusive travel packages from Mykonos to various islands in the Cyclades, including Santorini. However we do not provide a full deck concierge services on the island like we do in Mykonos.


I do not like any of the day tours you have online. Can you also personalize a travel itinerary for me?

Not all the day tours on our website can be personalised. However we do specialise in creating bespoke day tours that can be customised exactly to your liking. You are welcome to discuss your needs with us.


I would like to learn how to sail in Mykonos. Can you help?

Greece has some of the best sailing opportunities. We work hand in hand with the best professional sailers who are always enthusiastic in passing on their knowledge to our guests. We can assist to find the right sailing lessons with your needs and abilities in mind.


I need some information on traveling to Delos.

We have information on our website. If you are looking to book a tour, please get in touch and we can personalise your discovery


What are the day trip possibilities from Mykonos?

We offer various day trips around the island of Mykonos. Get in touch and we can suggest the best experiences for you.


We have special dietary needs. Can your concierge service assist us on this?

Yes. We can direct you to the best restaurants that are safe for travellers with dietary restrictions. We also have personal chefs who can meet your dietary needs. If you like, we can deliver fresh meals or prepare them in-house for you.


I would like to experience the nightlife in Mykonos. How would you advise me?

Based on your preferences, we can guide you to the best bars, events, parties, and festivals. Also, you can buy tickets directly from our website. We can set you up with full service table or bottle service and get you premium tickets.


What form(s) of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, debit and cash.


I am not ready to hire your services yet, but I would like to keep in touch.

We would love that too. You can sign up for our newsletters here.


I am into art and culture. What kind of concierge services can you offer me?

We can advice you on all the best art galleries and exhibits, take you on private tours, and get you entry tickets to exclusive invite-only events. We can also personalise an itinerary or arrange tours just for you so that you experience the best in Mykonos and other islands.


We are a company who is looking to plan a corporate retreat to Mykonos. Can you help us?

Yes. We specialise in organising corporate retreats. Simply contact us and we can discuss options for group rates in flights, accommodation, experiences and/or tour options.